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 Home of the Trailblazers.

Established: 1990

Mascot: Mountain Lion

K-5 Elementary School

Enrollment: 575 students

The Great Kindness Challenge Parent letter (click for larger image)


The Great Kindness Challenge Parent letter in Spanish (click for larger image)



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An Evening of Trailblazing



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Winter Concert 2016

Awesome Scientists!

The students did a fantastic job on their presentations at the Science Fair.


Thank you for coming to John Muir's Open House!


Your Voice Matters

The California School Parent Survey is an opportunity for you to help this school by sharing your opinions about it.  Your opinions are important, and the school is interested in hearing them. 


We are interested in your thoughts on this school’s efforts to promote academic success and well-being for every student, regardless of race, ethnicity, disability, or other circumstances. 


If you have more than one child at this school, please think about the oldest of these children as you answer the questions.


For link to survey click here.







      At John Muir Elementary, we implemented "Be the Change Month" during the month of October. Students had a daily kindness challenge and weekly collaborative competitions (where working together is key to success). In addition, the school counselor focused her classroom lessons on empathy and kindness. The counselor also utilizes research based bullying prevention curriculum for weekly classroom lessons all year, and leads a girls empowerment group to reduce relational aggression. We want students to know that "being respectful" is not just a rule to follow, but it is also their right as a person to be respected. Due to the efforts of our staff, district and community John Muir Elementary is now officially recognized as champion by the PACER organization in bully prevention!


 Together against bullying — united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.


Hello John Muir Elementary


My name is Mrs. Ashlee O’Neal, and I am your School Counselor. This is my second year as a counselor with Antioch. However, I was a high school counselor in Arizona for 3.5 years and a K-8 counselor three years prior. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you this year.  I hope you’ll feel comfortable sharing with me different things that are going on in your life – challenges, successes, future goals, adventures and anything else! Please feel free to stop by the office if you would like a brochure to know more about what services I offer, and what a school counselor does



Click here for our Muir Counselor's webpage:


Have a great month!

Mrs. Ashlee O’Neal





Important News

Psssst.....look on our school counselor's web page above for fun things to do with your student over spring break!



As part of our participation in The Great Kindness Challenge, students will have the opportunity to earn special "Paws Praise" this week for being PAWS-itively Kind to others.

PBIS and PAWS Praise

John Muir Elementary School is excited to be implementing the district-wide program called Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS). This is a comprehensive program which provides varying levels of support based on specific behavior needs of our students. School wide, all of our students are taught our school expectations, or "Trailblazer Traits". These traits are: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible. Examples of how these apply in each area of the school are taught, modeled, practiced, and reinforced.

In addition to a system of behavior supports, we provide opportunities to recognize those students who are making positive choices and demonstrating positive leadership. These opportunities occur through our PAWS Praise. PAWS Praise are tickets presented to students by staff who observe positive behavior. These tickets are entered into a weekly drawing. All tickets will be sent home weekly. If your child brings home a PAWS Praise, please discuss their positive choices with them to encourage continued safety, respect and responsibility among all members of John Muir School.

There is a PBIS Committee that meets monthly to analyze behavior and to address areas of need. As the program progresses, additional components will be implemented. Thank you for supporting this positive program.



For your information, you can check out the link below:


Attendance Matters!

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•     Too many absences can cause children to fall behind in school.
•     Missing 10 percent can make it harder to learn to read.
•     Students can fall behind with just a few absences. 
•     Being late to school may lead to poor attendance.
•     Absences can affect the whole classroom.



Set a regular bed time and morning routine.
•     Lay out clothes and pack backpacks the night before.
•     Find out what day school starts.

•     Introduce your child to her teachers and classmates.
•     Don’t let your child stay home unless she is truly sick.

•     If your child seems anxious, talk to your child's teacher.

•     Develop back-up plans for getting to school.
•     Avoid medical appointments and extended trips during school time.

A Caution About Absences

The laws regarding truancy have strengthened significantly.  In addition to the EC penalties for parents in Section 48293, Penal Code Section 270.1 provides penalties.  Please note:

Section 48293, Penal Code Section 270.1 

A parent or guardian of a pupil of 6 years of age or more who is in kindergarten or any of grades 1-8, inclusive, and who is subject to compulsory full-time education or compulsory continuation education, whose child is a chronic truant as defined in Section 48263.6 of the EC, who has failed to reasonably supervise and encourage the pupil's school attendance is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by a fine not exceeding two thousand dollars ($2,000), or by imprisonment in a county jail not exceeding one year, or by both that fine and imprisonment.  




Emergency Preparedness

For more information on how to prepare your family in case of an emergency,

click the link below:

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Click the picture below to read the Great Kindness Challenge letter from our state superintendent





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Test Practice. . .for Online State Testing,

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National School Counselor Week

National School Counselor Week

For more general information on The Great Kindness Challenge please visit the organizations website:

The Great Kindness Challenge


For more information on what John Muir is doing, please visit the counseling page



John Muir Elementary

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Contact Information

As part of The Great Kindness Challenge, our music classes are learning the song Kind Heart Hand...



(this is not our students, but you can listen to the song they have been learning...hopefully we will have a video of our students by the end of the week)

What is coming up?

May 23

PTA meeting 8:30 am


May 25

Science Awards Assembly


May 25

Spring Concert

May 27-29

Memorial Day (No School)


June 1

Kinder Patriotic Performance for Parents


June 1

Bowling Field Trip for 5th Grade


June 5-8

Early Dismissal

Kindergarten: 11:30 am

1st-5th: 11:45 am


June 5

4th Grade Award Assembly


June 6

5th Grade Award Assembly


June 8

Last Day of School  

(Early Dismissal)

Today: 6/25/17

Uniform Policy

School uniform colors:


Navy Blue, White, or John Muir Spiritwear.


Navy Blue or Khaki pants. NO Jeans.